Thursday, 13 March 2008

Name change in 2008 - James Bateman Junior High School

Renaming of school reflects exciting changes.

The school is undergoing a renaissance under the direction of a headteacher rated outstanding by Ofsted.
There are great changes taking place, but these are all positive: overhauling the staffing structure, improving the learning environment for the pupils with interactive whiteboards and up-to-date IT equipment, responding to the challenges of a relentless demand for improvement.
At 405 pupils, it is the largest middle school in the area, drawing in pupils from further afield as its reputation spreads.
If word of mouth is the best recommendation, then the success of Park Middle demonstrates our very high standing among pupils and parents — and they are the ones who count.
Exciting things are happening; the renaming as James Bateman Junior High reflects these changes, while giving a firm nod to the school’s historical roots in the heart of the community.

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