Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Gallop Pole at Bateman Girls School 1958

On Tuesday, 3rd June 1958, a gallop poll was held to find out what the teenagers do with their spare time and what their interests are. Members of 4A kindly co-operated by answering the set questions and as a result a very interesting report was drawn up. The only rules were, that all the questions need not be answered, but those answered must be answered truthfully.

Here is one of the answers:

How much pocket money do you get ?

Amounts ranged from 2/6d to 10/- ( Todays money 12p to 50p )
That is for a week……

The average time for getting up was 7.30 to 8 am and going to bed 9 to 11pm

Everyone liked music, popular and rock and roll were very much liked.Pat Boone was the most popular singer. Doris Day was the most popular actress.......