Monday, 30 June 2008

James Bateman Junior High School

Well just a week to go, all the invites have gone out and the launch on the 4th is getting closer. We have had the place decorated and everything is looking good.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

James Bateman Junior High School

On 4th July 2008 the name of the school, previously known as Bateman Girls Secondary School, which changed to Park Middle Community School in 1974 changes to:

James Bateman Junior High School

There is a dispay in Biddulph Library, if you want to know more....

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Name change in 2008 - James Bateman Junior High School

Renaming of school reflects exciting changes.

The school is undergoing a renaissance under the direction of a headteacher rated outstanding by Ofsted.
There are great changes taking place, but these are all positive: overhauling the staffing structure, improving the learning environment for the pupils with interactive whiteboards and up-to-date IT equipment, responding to the challenges of a relentless demand for improvement.
At 405 pupils, it is the largest middle school in the area, drawing in pupils from further afield as its reputation spreads.
If word of mouth is the best recommendation, then the success of Park Middle demonstrates our very high standing among pupils and parents — and they are the ones who count.
Exciting things are happening; the renaming as James Bateman Junior High reflects these changes, while giving a firm nod to the school’s historical roots in the heart of the community.

Name of the School Changes 1974 Park Middle School

In 1974 Bateman Girls School was no more as the education systems in Staffordshire changed to Primarys - Middle - High School in the Biddulph area. The school became a mixed school and was remaned Park Middle School.

But things are happening and the name is changing again to.........

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Gallop Pole at Bateman Girls School 1958

On Tuesday, 3rd June 1958, a gallop poll was held to find out what the teenagers do with their spare time and what their interests are. Members of 4A kindly co-operated by answering the set questions and as a result a very interesting report was drawn up. The only rules were, that all the questions need not be answered, but those answered must be answered truthfully.

Here is one of the answers:

How much pocket money do you get ?

Amounts ranged from 2/6d to 10/- ( Todays money 12p to 50p )
That is for a week……

The average time for getting up was 7.30 to 8 am and going to bed 9 to 11pm

Everyone liked music, popular and rock and roll were very much liked.Pat Boone was the most popular singer. Doris Day was the most popular actress.......

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Bateman Girls School - American Soldiers in Biddulph World War 2

There are various accounts about the school before it became Bateman Girls School , here is a short recollection from Betty Ball, born 1929: "Although the building of the school was commenced, it was not entirely finished, but was used for a time as a barracks for the American soldiers, stationed in Biddulph prior to 'D' day. I did not acutally see for myself, but understood that during this time the inside of the building was not plastered, and was in fact merely a shell and very basic. I do not know when work recommenced but probly the building of the school was planed to meet the need of additional accommodation in connection wth hope of increasing the school age, but unfortunately, war intervened. The Education Act passed in 1944 stipulated full time attendance at school was , at some unspecified date to be made compulsory to age sixteen.'

Many thanks to Betty who attended Biddulph Council School (Kingsfield County First School, Gunn Street), from 1935 to Christmas 1943, leaving at the age of 14 to go and work at Cowlishaw and Walker

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Old photographs wanted - Bateman Secondary Girl's School, Knypersley

Can anyone help with any photographs of Bateman Secondary Girl's School, before it was built, during construction, when it was first used, during the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's.....